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CryptoScamDB - A New API (And a New Hope)

December 9th, 2021

Our group effort of tracking crypto-related scams started in July 2017 and we have since maintained an open database of known scams for projects to consume and warn users. Since our initial launch, we rebranded in 2019 to be more chain-agnostic and the effort is known as CryptoScamDB.

CryptoScamDB has been successfully protecting millions of users in this industry every single day from falling into scams, and we're constantly working on improving it. Coming soon are some new abilities that will exponentially increase our ability to protect you and the industry.

We're building a new that API enables trusted third parties to push data to CryptoScamDB, with attribution, via a REST API. This will allow data from a variety of origins to be collected on one single, maintained source that projects can read from and use to help protect the community from falling victim to scams that CryptoScamDB is aware of.

We will also add some small additions to the frontend to have more up-to-date data that reflects the scams in our database, as well as reference links to our archives.

A change we’re pushing to the API will facilitate easier enhancement on the backend. This allows us to create specific subroutines to fetch more data on known scams to help investigations, archive teams, and map hashes that help us identify campaigns much easier and with higher confidence.

Whilst the code base and technologies are changing under the hood, the website will still have the same/similar requests and responses to consumers of our API, meaning there will be minimal changes if you decide to change from API v1 to API v2.

Dec. 2021

  • Publish REST API documentation
  • Launch staging/test environment of API v2
  • Allow people to experiment with the API
  • Launch production version of API v2
  • Data migrated from current API to new API
  • Routines created to consume data from GitHub
  • Start onboarding third parties to push data to CryptoScamDB

Q1 2022

  • Onboard more trusted parties to push data to CryptoScamDB
  • Create more archival and data-fetching routines for data
  • Publish Q1 report on what trends CryptoScamDB is seeing

With the help of third-party data coming into the application, CryptoScamDB plans to create a quarterly report about the types of scams we are seeing to help further educate the community and developers on how funds are being stolen.

Want to join CryptoScamDB's mission of making this industry safer? Report a scam or contribute to our Gitcoin grant. (or both!)

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