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How To Release Your ENS Domain and Get Your ETH Back!

May 18th, 2018

Or kick back and relax if you want to keep your domain

You are able to release your domain name at any time, but if you want your ETH back, you need to wait to own it for at least one year.

If you want to keep your domain name, you currently do not have to do anything to renew.

How To Release Your ENS Name Post-1YR on MyCrypto’s Interface:

1. Navigate to MyCrypto’s contracts tab.

2. Under Select Existing Contract, select “ENS: ETH Registrar (Auction)”. Here is a picture of where you should be:

3. Click “Access” below.

4. Under Read / Write Contract, select “releaseDeed”. This is where you should be:

5. Fill in the “_hash” field with the LabelHash that you can find by looking up your ENS name on etherscan here: https://etherscan.io/enslookup.

6. Below the “_hash” field, access the account that owns this ENS address by selecting your method of access, and going through the normal method for unlocking your account.

7. Verify that the correct gas price information is input for the current ETH network congestion (20gwei should work for now).

8. Leave the “Value” field empty or at 0 and click the “Write” Button.

9. Verify your gas information again, and then click “Sign Transaction”. The raw Transaction and Signed Transaction will appear.

10. Verify the Raw Transaction contains the correct data and click “Send Transaction”. Once this transaction goes through, that should be all that is needed to release your ENS name.

The funds that you originally deposited for the ENS domain will be sent back to the address that you originally used.

For more ENS discussion and help, check out The Ethereum Name Service and https://ens.domains/.

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