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Moving Away From Medium

April 14th, 2021

Welcome to the self-hosted MyCrypto blog!

We've been using Medium as a communication platform since day 1 of our launch and it has provided a valuable service. However, we believe that every project should strive to eventually move away from that platform when able to.


Because a part of the goal of this entire cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is to get control back into our own hands, and that control includes the channels that we communicate through.

Welcome to blog.mycrypto.com. 🥳

What benefits do we gain by establishing our own blog?

There are a handful of important reasons to depart from Medium.

Unfettered control of our content

Using Medium as a platform gives Medium all of the control. They can give your articles visibility, they can reduce visibility, and they can remove your content if it doesn't adhere to their rules. This is not inherently bad, but it's something that has never really sat well with us.

Hosting our own blog gives us complete control of what we publish and how we publish it.


We have a lot of useful content, and when you use a search engine to find various Ethereum-related things you'll see our Medium posts on the top of the search results. This is cool, but it'd be great to have a MyCrypto.com link at the top of the search results and not a Medium.com link.

By hosting our own blog, we'll be able to capture this opportunity for search engine optimization and hopefully increase the number of eyes not only on our content, but on our products as well!


After publishing something on Medium, you can see some basic stats for that article to get a rough idea of how well it's performing. However, the stats are very basic.

Hosting our own blog will allow us to implement tools that give us much deeper insights into how our posts are performing. Of course, and per usual for MyCrypto, this does not include any sort of analytics that track your identifiable information. We respect your privacy. Because if we don't, who the hell will?

Why are we still using other centralized channels?
One could read this announcement and note that we're still using many other centralized channels like Twitter and Discord, and that's true. The point here is to take steps when feasible.

We're transitioning away from Medium starting now.

When we publish new posts, the full content will live here on blog.mycrypto.com, and we'll continue to lightly utilize Medium by publishing preview portions that then lead to this blog.


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