Version 0.6.4 brings in a couple of new features, a few refinements both user and code facing, and plenty of bug fixes.

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New Feature: Transaction History

Save yourself the trip to Etherscan, MyCrypto will now keep track of all of the transactions you send through the app. After you send a transaction, it will show up in a new “Recent Transactions” tab on your account view:

You’ll also be able to show the transactions status of any of your addresses’ past transactions by going to the Check Transaction page, where you’ll see a dropdown with all of them.

It’s important to note that only transactions sent through MyCrypto in your current browser will be shown. As always, we do not collect information about our users, so we’re not storing this data on our servers. It’s kept in your browser’s local storage. If you need to check past transactions before this update, or transactions you made in a different browser, you should continue to use a block explorer like Etherscan for that.

Returning Feature: Custom DPaths

You can once again specify custom deterministic paths for your deterministic wallets:

If you’re not sure why you’d need this, we recommend you stick with the default option as usual.

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Restored the ability to send 0 ETH transactions
  • Fixed SingularDTV dpath not showing addresses for deterministic wallets
  • Show the dpath next to each option in the deterministic wallet dropdown
  • Uploading a keystore file confirms the filename on the form
  • Updated ShapeShift token selector to better match the production app
  • Restored code block styles to most inputs
  • Cleanup of send form styles and spacing, should handle better on smaller screens
  • Accessibility has been vastly improved across the site, with improved keyboard control and screen reader support
  • Fixed “From” not showing the from address when broadcasting a signed transaction from /pushTx
  • Added missing broadcast button on /pushTx before you enter the signed transaction
  • Fixed an issue with gas price recommendations when switching between subtabs
  • Fixed favicon transparency

Developer Changes

  • All user-facing strings are now properly run through the translator. We’re missing a bunch of translations though, so any help from the community will be appreciated.
  • We now enforce the typescript no-implicit-any rule. The any type is still allowed, you just need to explicitly set it.
  • The transaction stack now has a full suite of unit tests.
  • The transaction confirmation modal now derives 100% of its information from the signed transaction.
  • Removed all legacy styles from previous version, all styles are now scss.
  • HackerOne has been added to the beta banner. We’re paying out bounties for bugs, and you can join the program here.

We hope you enjoy the new release!

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