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At MyCrypto, we always say we’re privacy-minded. But what does that mean? That’s a great question — as we develop MyCrypto (and MEW previously) we ask ourselves how we’d like our data being used.

As a result, we simply don’t have analytics. If you asked us how many addresses were generated, how many people accessed the site using a hardware wallet, how many people visited the site in any given day/week/month… we couldn’t tell you.

This is not common. This is weird. This is blockchain!

Does that mean you should trust us? No. You shouldn’t trust anyone. The whole point of blockchain is to be trustless.

So ask yourself, these days do you really trust it when someone is offering you anything and says they’re not collecting your data? How would they make money? How would they know what direction to develop in? How do they do anything?

Well, we rely on you, but we rely on you directly! We rely on your feedback, the feedback of the community interacting with us on social media, support tickets we get — anything where we get to hear you directly.

One day we would love to have usage analytics so we can see what features are being used (without having to know who used it). For now, we’re happy to live in an environment where we don’t have servers full of your IP addresses, geodata, etc.

We’ve developed a privacy policy that we feel is in line with the nature of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and will remain in line for the future. We want you to know exactly what data we do and don’t collect, how we keep you secure, and why we mean it when we say we don’t track you.

If you read through the privacy policy, you’ll see how we work with the blockchain and why you know you’re secure. You’ll see what information we do collect (hint: not much), how it is used, how it’s kept safe, and who we are allowed to share it with. You’ll see that any information we do collect is anonymized or collected in the aggregate, and none of it is traceable to you. But if this is still too much data gathering for you, we even remind you how to run our software on your own node so you don’t have to trust us with any of your information at all. Last, you’ll be walked through the third parties connected to MyCrypto like our partners, affiliates, and social media accounts, and you’ll be linked to their respective privacy policies so you can know what they do with information.

This is a great opportunity to show that we’re actually committed to trustlessness and privacy. We hope this philosophy continues to spread through every aspect of the ecosystem.

That’s the gist of it, but there are details about what you just read and more in the privacy policy directly:

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