MyCryptoWinter is helping to sending EF Scholars to ETHDenver

MyCrypto, ETHDenver, and the EF Scholars are proud to announce a collaboration that will be helping to send 50 Scholars to ETHDenver with contributions from MyCryptoWinter partners.

$5,000 will be allocated toward ETHDenver’s ’50 International Countries. 50 U.S. States. 50 Scholars!’ initiative. These funds will help pay for the scholars’ travel, lodging, and food during ETHDenver.

We’d like to thank the MyCryptoWinter partners for helping us to make this possible: CoinGecko, Compound, ENS, Etherscan, Infura, Maker, ShapeShift, and Status.

What are the EF Scholars?

The Scholars Program was launched by the Ethereum Foundation during Devcon 4 as a way to invite Ethereum developers from around the world who don’t have the means to attend the conference. They have shown enthusiasm and a history of contribution to the protocol but unfortunately are based in regions without the proper financial means to attend Ethereum events.

The program was meant to take a step in the right direction for diversity and inclusiveness that is desired in the Ethereum community. This diversity is inclusive of all genders, orientation, race, ethnicities, and any spectrum of potential marginalization. The MyCryptoWinter contributions will help pay for the travel stipend, full lodging, and meals throughout their time in Denver. For many this will be their first Ethereum hackathon, and for others this will be their first time in America. This assistance directly provides them the opportunity to be involved with the Ethereum community in person.

More Background

This past December, MyCryptoWinter helped to educate the community on best security practices. As a part of this, we brought on partners to raise more awareness, provide prizes, and something new this year — each partner contributed funds that we would then give back to the community.

After some discussion with Ethereum Foundation teams, we found a great fit for MyCryptoWinter and ETHDenver to assist the Scholars in attending the event, and we look forward to seeing how they can become more involved with helping to grow our ecosystem.

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