And other changes in this new MyCrypto 1.1.0 release!

We just launched MyCrypto 1.1.0 and among plenty of small fixes/updates and revamping our node dropdown, you now have your own address book!

For the full MyCrypto 1.1.0 release details including all the various bug fixes, please take a look at our Github release.

Aside from that, read this and go to and get labeling!

Address Book

(Figure A) Add your friends and family and MyCrypto’s donate address!

To get started with MyCrypto’s address book feature, access your address via and head over to the Address Book tab. Then, input a valid Ethereum address and a label, and baby you’ve got a stew goin’. (Figure A)

After you’ve labeled an address, MyCrypto will then attempt to autofill when you go to send a transaction to an address. (Figure B)

(Figure B) Autofill!

With the MyCrypto address book, label your addresses and copy-paste no more.

even He-Man labels his addresses

You can also label the current address you’re using with MyCrypto. On the Send Ether & Tokens tab, go to the right side where all your address info is and click the Add Label button. Put in your preferred label, save it, and never forget which address you’re using!

Note: your address book is tied to your browser cache (localStorage) and not your Ethereum address. This means that your address book will not travel with you across browsers or computers, nor in incognito mode. Your privacy is retained fully.

We’ll continue to develop the address book further, but feedback and requests for this feature are greatly appreciated!

Node Dropdown Revamp

We’ve made a few changes to our node selector dropdown, including giving it a new look, adding new nodes for existing networks (Ethereum Classic), and adding nodes for new supported networks — Musicoin, EthereumSocial, EtherGem, and Callisto.


Buy Ether with Simplex!

We’re excited to be working with Simplex to allow you to buy Ether directly on MyCrypto! Currently this widget is only available to European users, but we’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Use the widget after accessing your wallet via, or go directly to

So simple a caveman could do it.

Head over to right now to start filling out your address book, buying Ether, and taking the new node selector for a drive!

As always, thank you for your continued support. Keep feeding us ideas, suggestions, and everything else!

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