Part 3 in our xDai series. A sampling of the apps within the xDai ecosystem.

Sidechains like xDai are getting lots of attention from a mainstream audience, but unbeknownst to many, they’ve been thriving and growing for a while.

You’ve learned all about xDai and decided to try it out. Then, you were onboarded to the xDai network and set up your portfolio with MyCrypto.

What’s next? Let’s dive into some of the applications on xDai that you can use right now. is a simple concept and a great way to see the value proposition of xDai. Upon visiting the site, you’re met with an empty canvas that you... draw on!

When you’re done drawing, you can mint your art into an NFT on the xDai chain, after which you can keep it, bridge it to the Ethereum chain, or put it up for sale.


HoneySwap is the go-to decentralized exchange on xDai. It’s a fork of Uniswap, so those familiar will understand what this platform is all about.

For those unfamiliar with DEXs, HoneySwap allows you to trade tokens for other tokens, or provide liquidity for token pairs. The upside of having this on xDai is that you get to trade tokens extremely fast, and extremely cheap, compared to Ethereum.


POAP stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol. This team has been around for a long time and originally started out by giving out physical badges at Ethereum community events as proof that you were there. You could then redeem a digital NFT version of that badge as well.

Now, POAP has fleshed out their digital offering (probably because COVID temporarily ruined in-person events) and anyone can now create and distribute POAP NFTs for their online events!

Dark Forest

We’ve written about Dark Forest before, and for good reason. It’s a space-faring, universe-exploring, real-time-strategy game that utilizes blockchain technology for some very cool game mechanics.

Every interaction within the game has an associated blockchain transaction. The game previously used an Ethereum testnet but has since transitioned over to xDai. Dark Forest is currently not in an active play session, but keep your ear to the ground for more information.

Reality Cards

Reality Cards is interesting. It’s a “hybrid of NFT art and prediction markets” and is currently live on the xDai Testnet.

The way Reality Cards works is that instead of voting on a “yes” or “no” outcome that a prediction market typically has, you rent the NFT associated with the outcome you think will happen. The longest owner of each outcome then gets the NFT for that outcome after the market resolves.

It’s funky, but sounds cool and is worth checking out.

Gnosis Products

Gnosis is a long-standing player in the Ethereum space and has a range of useful products.

Last year, Gnosis announced their investment into the xDai Ecosystem Fund and subsequent plans to develop xDai compatibility with their suite of products. You can now easily use the Gnosis Protocol, Gnosis Safe Multisig, and build on top of Gnosis’ Conditional tokens framework on xDai!

This is merely a sampling of some of the applications you can try on xDai. There are countless more, and a good list of those applications can be found directly on the xDai Chain website.

At the time of writing, there are nearly 80 individual projects listed there, so you know we’ve barely scratched the surface!

What do you like to do on xDai? Let us know on Twitter!

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