Now memberships are more accessible than ever — no more gas craziness!

MyCrypto Memberships utilize Unlock Protocol - a tool that allows for unlocking content, memberships, and more via a smart contract and an NFT key.

An unfortunate side effect of using a smart contract function for our memberships, though, is Ethereum gas prices. At worst, the gas fees alone cost more than the 1-month membership does. This is no bueno.

As a solution to this and to further flesh out our sidechain support, we’ve just launched MyCrypto Memberships on xDai!

Get a membership now. 👈

You can still purchase a membership on Ethereum, if you prefer.

Holding a MyCrypto Membership on xDai is functionally the same as holding one on Ethereum; as long as the membership-holding account is connected to MyCrypto, your entire MyCrypto account will enjoy membership features.

What does a MyCrypto Membership give me?

  • Membership Badge & Token
  • Unlimited Protected Transactions
  • Zero Ads
  • Zero Sponsored Slots
  • Stickers
  • Shirts (must be a member for at least 3 months)

MyCrypto Memberships are a way to contribute to our continued development. It’s not only a way to support us directly, but it gives you the above features and more that we’re working on right now.

Site themes are on the roadmap for members. 😎

How do I buy a MyCrypto Membership on xDai?

Visit the MyCrypto Membership page and go through the simple flow for purchase. Make sure your xDai account is connected first via Add Account!

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