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Harry Denley

How Bad Actors Can Abuse Etherscan to Trick You
2021 (the second half) In Review: Crypto Hacks, Scams & Shutdowns
CryptoScamDB - A New API (And a New Hope)
Do You Trust Links? Well, You Probably Shouldn't.
So You Wanna Build Your Own PFP NFT Project?
Investigating Twitter Reply Scam Rings
2021 (the first half) In Review: Crypto Hacks, Scams & Shutdowns
How to Beat an Ethereum Sweeper Script and Recover Your Assets
Bad Actors Abusing ERC20 Approval to Steal Your Tokens!
2020 In Review: Major Blockchain/Crypto Security Incidents
Malicious Crypto Apps are Ramping Up on Google Play
How to Ensure You’re Running the Legitimate Version of MetaMask
HackTheBox: Money Flowz OSINT Challenge
Working With Binance to Return $10,000 of Stolen Crypto to a Victim
The #TwitterHack Postmortem
Intercepting and Saving $5,000 Worth of Phished Crypto
Phishing Campaigns Take Aim at Web3 DeFi Applications
2020 So Far: Personal Information Dumps and Cryptocurrency
Discovering Fake Browser Extensions That Target Users of Ledger, Trezor, MEW, Metamask, and More
EtherAddressLookup v1.23 Now Available — No More Fake YouTube Live Scams!
2019 In Review: Major Blockchain/Crypto Security Incidents
dApp Key Management: UX and Security
Nigeria, Indonesia, the US, and Vietnam are among the highest victim rates for crypto scams
Research into trust trading scams on Twitter
Disclosure: Key generation vulnerability found on WalletGenerator.net — potentially malicious.
Discovering Fake Trezor, MetaMask, and MyCrypto Android APKs
Introducing Defiscan.io
Be careful with your KYC documents
Hunting Huobi Scams
The dangers of malicious browser extensions
Unique phishing method to look out for: the fullscreen API
The Trust-Trading Scam Kit
Using phishing tools against the phishers- and uncovering a massive Binance phishing campaign.
Dissecting some of the latest cryptocurrency exchange phishkits
You need to stop trusting links!
Dissecting a HitBTC phishing site
Following an Ethereum phishing scam down the rabbit hole

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